Ivana Lofty was born in Czech Republic 1981.

 She is various artist in Art and Photography.






My artistic life started on 11 April 1981 when I was born in the picturesque town of Ceske Budejovice in the South Bohemia state of the Czech Republic. Art was my destiny as both my parents are artists and I inherited some of their talent, creativity, sense of beauty and aesthetics - a life in art was all I ever foresaw.

As a small girl I was different from most other children - more reserved and always searching for beauty in colour and the shapes around me..something that remains with me even now. Maybe I observe more deeply all the detail around me and can then use my soft, imaginative mind for creative purposes. Very often, people when they see my art ask me how I get these ideas. Truthfully, I do not know! Nothing is planned, my ideas are quite spontaneous just like the ocean waves or maybe they are dreams? I admire life as it is and find inspiration from the beauty of animal and nature colours, in the shapes of the human body, from architecture or science..from all existence. My creativity makes me calm, relaxed and balanced and I love to challenge and give people pleasure through my artwork. That is my purpose - to live, to create and to make people happy.


Ask if I have formal academic training to Master of Art standard and I’ll proudly reply that I do not. I was rejected on multiple occasions by the Academy of Art in Prague so I decided my life path, developing my own style without being judged by any committee. In any case, many well known artists are self-taught, just as I am! Born under the sign of Aries, I can be stubborn and my style reflects this - special, playful, joyous using a huge palette of colours in never-ending combinations..not bound by convention or the need to fit in with academic trends. It is my own “artistic handwriting” - I consider myself a poet with a brush, playing with surrealist landscapes, objects, animals, women’s bodies shaped in a sensual way. At the same time I try to keep my work soft and sophisticated..cutting out any needless elements which detract from their beauty. Simplicity and humour are important to me and can be found in my work.


In my photography, just as in my art I keep things simple. A clear style, mostly black and white allowing people to use their own imagination and apply colours in their minds. I find my subjects and models for photoshooting out on the streets, in nature, or just observing from a coffee bar. I work very gently without aggressive artificial modification..real life and nature is important to me not the sugar sweet airbrushed photos we see in magazines on a daily basis. So my portrait photos are full of wrinkles, grey hair and other so-called “imperfections” - I capture real life, not a perfect one! As Salvador Dali once said..”Have no fear of perfection, you will never reach it”!


My artistic life is my personal life and my creations are my hobby, but when I am not at an easel or a photoshoot I love to travel, I have a passion for good food and cooking, fashion, reading books, or just walking in nature and enjoying her whisper. I am a daydreamer with her feet planted firmly on the ground and derive most pleasure by inspiring people and making them happy through my art. Based in the Czech Republic, you might meet me on my travels - which has resulted in my art ending up in such diverse places as France, England, Italy, Santorini, Denmark, USA and Japan.